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Vila Nova de Gaia

Standing on the left bank of the River Douro, this city had been inhabited since very remote times, although it was not until the eighteenth century that Gaia was to gain its present-day prosperity with the building of the Port Wine Lodges.

It was here that the wine was brought by the barcos rabelos and left to age in the cellars until it had acquired the particular qualities that have since made it famous world-wide. It is impossible to come to the city without taking the time to pay a visit to one of the many wine lodges along the banks of the river in order to discover more about this truly unique wine and enjoy the opportunity to appreciate its different varieties.

Amongst the architectural heritage of Gaia one may highlight the monastery of Serra do Pilar, whose privileged setting has resulted in its being used as a fortress, and from where visitors can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the city of Porto.


Vila Nova de Gaia