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Vila de Rei

If you imagine a line crossing Portugal from north to south, and another from east to west, Vila de Rei is situated right in the geodesic centre of the country, a fact that is marked on a peak of a geodesic pyramid in the Serra de Milriça, a point that is also an excellent viewpoint of the region.

Vila de Rei owes its name to King Dom Dinis, who gave it its Charter in the 13th century, and conceded it various privileges, and it is in honour of his wife Dona Isabel that the Festivals of the Rainha Santa (Holy Queen) are held annually in May.

In a region where the pine tree is the main type of vegetation, the air is pure, and one finds villages that seem to stand still in time, such as Água Formosa with its houses inlaid on the hillside, the streets paved with schist and the medieval bridge.

One of the main belvederes in this area is the Penedo Furado (rock with a hole), from where one can admire a fine panoramic view of the riverside beaches of the valley of the Ribeira de Codes, which before reaching the beaches rushes down the waterfalls of the Bafureira between charming natural swimming pools.


Vila de Rei