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Trilho da Lagoa dos Salgados - Albufeira

Trilho da Lagoa dos Salgados, Albufeiraby: trilhosdoalgarve
Holiday activities
  • Owing its name to the nearby tourist resort, São Rafael Beach is flanked by cliffs with its sands dotted with a few isolated rocks with more jutting out of the sea to create a very picturesque effect.

    [Praia de São Rafael, Albufeira, Algarve ]
  • Praia dos Salgados, Galé - Albufeira
    Praia dos Salgados, Galé - Albufeiraby: Sacavem1 src: wmf under: CC BY-SA 2.5

    Covering a large area, Salgados Beach contrasts with the other beaches of Albufeira due its diversity of landscape. Here, the backdrop of ochre cliffs gives way to a cordon of golden dunes.

    [Praia dos Salgados, Beach in Albufeira - Algarve ]
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