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Salvaterra de Magos

A peaceful town in the Ribatejo, Salvaterra de Magos used, centuries ago, to be one of the places favoured by the Court, so buildings, now in ruins, were constructed here, which enabled the Court to enjoy all the conveniences they were used to in Lisbon. In Salvaterra there was a palace with wonderful gardens, an opera house and a royal falconry, the only one in Portugal, showing that the region's chief attraction for these travelling noblemen were the grandiose hunting parties they organised here.

Surrounded by pine woods and pasture land, horses and bulls for use in the greatest spectacle in the region - the bullfight - are bred in its fertile fields. The bullfight is an essential ingredient in the Festa do Foral (of the Charter), dos Toiros (of the bulls) and the Fandango (a lively Portuguese and Spanish dance), which enlivens Salvaterra dos Magos in June.

The most outstanding features of the cuisine are the açorda de savel (purée of bread, herbs and garlic with shad), and the barretes (caps), whose name is inspired by one of the essential parts of the campino`s (Ribatejo cowboy's) costume.


Salvaterra de Magos