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The Alentejo town of Redondo has become particularly important for the Portuguese economy as a result of its two main regional products: pottery and wine.

Castelo de Redondo
by: João Carvalho src: wmf under: CC BY-SA 3.0

The local hand-made pottery is well known all over the country. It is possible to find here pots for everyday use or simply for decorative purposes, made of simple clay or decorated with floral motifs and popular country scenes. The clay in this region has the special property of being able to withstand great variations in temperature. This activity has been perpetuated in the town and is carried out at several pottery workshops.

Redondo is also well known for its wine production, being one of the regions in Portugal that enjoy the status of controlled designation of origin (Denominação de Origem Controlada -D.O.C.). Being produced in granite and schist soils, the wine has a balanced taste and a pleasant bouquet.