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The town of Oleiros, situated in a region usually referred to as the Pinhal area, and nearby the Cabril Dam, is an excellent place for a few days of rest in contact with nature.

It still preserves from its distant past the vestiges of the presence of ancient peoples, like, for example, the old castle of Cova da Moura.
The town itself deserves an unhurried visit, which must include the Parish Church (16th-18th century) and the 18th Church of the Misericórdia (Mercy), which have a wealth of gilded woodcarving.

In the surrounding area, it is worth passing through the picturesque villages, such as Álvaro with its row of whitewashed houses along the village's only street, or Estreito, where the same houses made of schist have stood for four hundred years.

The cuisine has such a variety to offer that it is difficult to choose. Outstanding examples include the maranhos (sheep's innards with rice, chicken etc.) and the bucho recheado (stuffed pork stomach), skinned kid, grilled trout and the various game dishes, such as hare, rabbit and partridge.