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Holidays in Portugal - Guides

  • Footpath Pico Areeiro, Pico Ruivo.
    by: Antonio Spinola - Direccao Regional do Turismo da Madeira.

    Are you looking for a few Holidays of relaxation and comfortable living? Then catch a plane to Madeira.

    Rugged coastlines, beaches, towering mountains and lush gardens, Madeira offers the perfect setting for every type of traveler. Both active holidays with surfing and diving or relaxing spa vacation in the centers of well-being of the islands are possible.

    Madeira is a refined and sophisticated holiday destination, set in a spectacular landscape with a wonderful climate.

    [Madeira ]
  • Porto Santo was the first Portuguese discovery in the 15th century. This island marked the beginning of the great age of the discoveries launched by Prince Henry the Navigator. Years later, Christopher Columbus stayed on the island for a while and prepared his voyage of discovery to America.

    [Porto Santo, Madeira ]
  • [Funchal ]
  • Selvagens Islands, is a small uninhabitable archipelago in the North Atlantic, roughly midway between Madeira and the Canary Islands. The archipelago comprises two major islands and several islets of varying sizes, that represent the southernmost region of Portugal. The archipelago lies about 230 km (143 mi) from Madeira, is administered by the Portuguese municipality of Funchal.

    [Selvagens Islands ]
  • Desertas islands is a chain of three long and narrow islands that stretch over a distance of 23 km north-south. Administratively, the islands are part of the municipality of Santa Cruz.

    [Desertas islands, Madeira ]
  • In Santa Cruz, in addition to the well-known, rocky Praia das Palmeiras with its two swimming pools, there is a new bathing complex near Ribeira da Boaventura. It has swimming pools, solariums, locker rooms and a food court. 

    [Santa Cruz ]