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Holidays in Portugal - Guides

  • Praia da Marinha - Lagoa - Algarve
    by: Turismo do Algarve

    The Algarve Holidays in Portugal’s southernmost coastline, offers you, a wonderful beach vacation, where the sea is warm and quiet.

    The Algarve also offers idyllic and peaceful surroundings, a wonderful climate that contributes to the well-being, the emotional balance and relaxation, vacation villages, luxury hotels and luxury resorts, small fishing villages such as Santa Luzia in Tavira or the port of Sagres and diverse leisure activities you can pursue.

    [Algarve ]
  • Mértola
    by: Turismo de Portugal, I.P., Jose Manuel

    The Alentejo in southern Portugal is determined by the sun, the heat, the silence of the vast plains and the serenity of the people of this region.

    Inside the Alentejo is the vastness of its golden wheat fields, in the coast of Alentejo are its wild and unspoiled beaches that give the beauty to this region of Portugal.

    [Alentejo ]
  • Lisbon, Ponte 25 de Abril
    by: Turismo de Portugal / Antonio Sacchetti

    Lisbon, Portugal’s bright capital, spreads along the north bank of the River Tagus, which meets the ocean here.

    One of the few European capitals with both a river and a coastline, Lisbon has Praça do Comércio square as its main meeting area. The city has always been ready to welcome new visitors and to bid a fond farewell to those departing, something that was never more true than when saying goodbye to sailors at the time of the great Portuguese maritime discoveries.

    [Lisbon Region ]
  • Portugal is a mountainous country with an unpolluted environment. Its pure and well preserved landscape boasts dense forests and rocky outcrops.

    In the Centro de Portugal you will find a huge variety of nature, history and culture. First there are glacial lakes, spring waters and all kinds of outdoor sports: on land, in the sky or on water.

    [Center of Portugal ]
  • Porto

    It was in Porto and the north that Portugal came into being as a country, which is why the region has such a rich and fascinating heritage.

    This is a mountainous area of Portugal with rivers, natural parks and steep, sloping hillsides covered with leafy vegetation.

    Holidays Guides List of the Porto Region.

    [Oporto and North of Portugal ]
  • Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Sao Miguel Island
    by: Turismo de Portugal / A.A.

    Think of a place to the west, where the nature and vegetation are pure and untouched, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Do you know where we’re talking about? The answer is the Azores, which offers you this and much more besides.

    [Azores ]
  • Footpath Pico Areeiro, Pico Ruivo.
    by: Antonio Spinola - Direccao Regional do Turismo da Madeira.

    Are you looking for a few Holidays of relaxation and comfortable living? Then catch a plane to Madeira.

    Rugged coastlines, beaches, towering mountains and lush gardens, Madeira offers the perfect setting for every type of traveler. Both active holidays with surfing and diving or relaxing spa vacation in the centers of well-being of the islands are possible.

    Madeira is a refined and sophisticated holiday destination, set in a spectacular landscape with a wonderful climate.

    [Madeira ]