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Holiday activities

  • The Praia Azul has a beautiful sandy beach where the tourists can enjoy a pleasant holiday moments. A beach of great natural beauty, where the sea is very restless and should only be bathed with great caution.

    [Praia Azul (Angeiras Sul) - Beach of Matosinhos ]
  • Praia de Agudela is a very popular beach in the Porto region. This beach is surrounded by dunes and crossed by wooden bridges. With many rocks that are exposed at low tide, this beach has a good support infrastructure and provides the ideal setting to spend the whole day at sea.

    [Praia da Agudela - Beach of Matosinhos ]
  • Previously known as Arenosa or Ladrões Beach, this area of sand became known as Memória Beach following the erection of a commemorative obelisk on the spot where liberal troops led by Pedro 4th (1st Emperor of Brazil) disembarked in 1832 in order to expel his absolutist brother, Miguel from the Portuguese throne.

    [Praia da Memória - Beach of Matosinhos ]
  • The beach "Praia Quebrada" lies in a small bay, protected by dunes. The wide beach with many rocks while swimming requires increased attention, because the sea has strong currents here. The small fishermen's houses in the vicinity give this beach a picturesque touch.

    [Praia da Quebrada - Beach of Matosinhos ]
  • Surrounded by rocks, small and wind-protected beach "Praia da Senhora" is ideal for windy days.

    [Praia da Senhora (Boa-Nova) - Beach of Matosinhos ]