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Guimarães - Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2012

The city of Guimarães will be Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2012. Come and visit the town, where you will find a vibrant creative energy, the place where anything can happen.

Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Cultureby: VisitPortugal

In 2012, Guimarães will live an intense and unforgettable year and will be hosting a major gathering of creators and creations: music, cinema, photography, fine arts, architecture, literature, thought, theatre, dance, street art. Over the course of one year, the city will be the promoter of Europe’s cultural diversity revealing its creations and welcoming those from other countries.

Guimarães, whose historic centre is inscribed in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage, will be in 2012 the meeting point of innovation. Start planning your visit and don’t miss this great event!

  • Castelo de Guimarães
    by: CMG / PPacheco

    On 13 December 2001, UNESCO inscribed the historical centre of the city of Guimarães, Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2012, on the list of World Heritage. A distinction that is fully merited by this city, one that is full of historical memories and has so carefully preserved its heritage and public spaces for the pleasure and delight of its visitors. 


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