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Originally a fishing village consisting of wooden houses ("palheiros"), the town was transformed in the nineteenth century into a seaside resort, becoming one of the most popular in a period when people were strongly advised to bathe in the sea because of its healing properties.

Nowadays, it is a lively city with a long and extensive beach, but it also offers visitors a thalassotherapy centre, the oldest golf course in the Iberian Peninsula, founded by British citizens at the end of the nineteenth century, a Casino and a full range of hotel accommodation.

Amongst its various annual events are the Music Festival in June and the Cartoon Festival in November.

Holiday activities
  • Located right by the oldest Golf Club in Portugal, Paramos Beach covers a huge area of sand but which can only be reached by crossing the Espinho Air-Club and paying careful attention to the signalling.

    [Praia de Paramos - Beach of Espinho ]
  • Located to the south of Espinho while still a continuation of its sands, Silvalde Beach adjoins the similarly named settlement, a parish whose origins stretch far back into history and whose inhabitants long ago took up agriculture and fishing.

    [Praia de Silvalde - Beach of Espinho ]
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