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Entroncamento started developing at the end of the 19th century around the most important railway station in the country, at the junction of the Northern and Eastern railway lines. The railway junction led workers from all over the country to settle here; they lived in what were called "railway districts" - small houses, festooned with flowers.

Everywhere there are echoes of this close link between the trains and the city, an example of which is the public garden in which the decoration consists of an ancient locomotive, which is used as a Tourist Office.

As for the cuisine, the outstanding dishes, like the inhabitants, have their roots in other regions of the country, such as the açordas (purées of bread, herbs and garlic), bacalhau assado com batatas a murro (roast salted cod with small baked potatoes), the feijoadas (pork and bean stews), and the sweets, such as the pão-de-ló (sponge cake) and the tigeladas (egg, flour and sugar pankakes cooked in the oven).