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Disabled access

Before travelling, learn more about the facilities available in Portugal for persons with restricted mobility. In light of the inevitable travel constraints experienced by persons with motor disabilities, we recommend that you seek detailed prior information concerning the services you intend to use.


Many hotel units have accommodation facilities adapted for persons with motor disabilities. Nonetheless, we recommend direct contact in order to obtain information on the type of facilities available.


Public transport normally reserves certain seats for persons with motor disabilities, but these are not accessible for wheelchair users.
Lisbon Metro is not completely accessible for persons with motor disabilities. Only certain stations have access lists. Visually-impaired persons may travel in the company of their guide dogs, provided that they use a collar and muzzle.
Oporto Metro is completely accessible for persons with restricted mobility.


All Portuguese airports have adapted toilet facilities and transfer facilities for persons with restricted mobility and wheelchair users. A special assistance service may be provided whenever requested.

Accessible beaches

74 bathing zones – maritime and river beaches – are accessible for persons with restricted mobility. These beaches are identified with a white flag, including the respective symbol, and have reserved parking areas, pedestrian access, beach walkways and adapted toilet facilities. Several beaches also have equipment items that facilitate access to the sea, thus enabling persons with restricted mobility to go swimming, although assistance of another person is always required.

For further information concerning the facilities available for persons with disabilities, please contact:

Accessible Portugal
Rua João Freitas Branco, nº 21 D 1500-714 Lisboa
Tel:+351 21 720 31 30 – Fax: +351 21 720 31 39 - E-mail:

Portugal Acessível / Associação Salvador
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 14, 9º 1050-121 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 318 48 51 - Fax: +351 21 357 22 60 - E-mail:

National Institute for Rehabilitation
Tel: +351 21 792 95 00 - Fax: +351 21 792 95 96 - E-mail: