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Situated on the alluvial plain, in an area of the Ribatejo near the Alentejo, the town of Coruche is a typical peaceful village, whose low white houses of good quality popular architecture stretch along the plain alongside the River Sorraia.

Surrounded by fertile fields, this is a region dominated by farming and horse-breeding. The vast areas of cork oaks, from which the cork is extracted, of which Coruche is one of the main producers in the country, are prominent in the landscape.

Coruche also has various historical monuments, testimony of former times, such as the Corôa bridge (of Roman origin), the medieval aqueduct of Monte da Barca and various, mostly 17th century, churches.

In the environs, the weirs of the Agolada and Monte da Barca are very cool leisure areas, and hence very crowded in summer.