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Charm with a life of its own

The attractions of this region are not limited to the sea and the extraordinary coastline. The historical heritage, particularly the delicious and picturesque town of Cascais, is one of the great interests of the area, with important architectural and artistic works. There is a wide variety of cultural activities to ensure that you are never bored.

The Casino de Estoril, the largest in Europe, is the best example of this. One of the most important entertainment venues in Portugal, it offers visitors an extraordinary selection – from the many different forms of gaming to great moments of entertainment, with daily shows. Nature is also an important attraction. Complementing the sea, green spaces are also fundamental for the ecological balance of the region. The Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais is a key example, representing not only a unique space for the protection of species, but also a key location for leisure activities connected with ecotourism, with a range of activities available to visitors. In Estoril, culture and entertainment are a constant, supported by diverse and high quality accommodation, including some of the best hotels in the country. 


The almost inexhaustible selection of leisure activities is complemented by the best facilities for working meetings. Does that sound impossible? In Estoril, it is mandatory! The lengthy tradition in organising business tourism events, from seminars and conferences to international level meetings, has led to the development of an unequalled range of services and support facilities, including the modern Centro de Congressos do Estoril. The unique characteristics of the location, including the excellence of the climate, the landscape and the other tourist facilities, offer conditions for unforgettable trips and ensure that all working meetings are a great success.

The sun ever present

Facing the south, the beaches in the estuary of the Tagus offer visitors calm waters, fine sand and modern facilities, to provide all comfort. From Carcavelos beach, ideal for surfing, to Guincho, the paradise for windsurfers, you can discover many others, all different but all offering maximum pleasure. A privileged location for water sports, from the most radical to the most sophisticated, the Costa do Estori loffers unique conditions for sea lovers, with high quality facilities including the modern Cascais Marina. 


One of the particular attractions of the Costa do Estoril is its numerous restaurants. Try some of the most typical dishes of the region, including fish and shellfish, such as steamed lobster, sea bass, white bream or the memorable Cascais sole. One of the greatest flavours of life is adrenalin, and there is no lack of sources of adrenalin in Estoril, with a wide range of facilities for all sportsmen and women. The Autódromo do Estoril, the most important race track in the country, hosts spectacular national and international races. The magnificent selection of golf courses in the Costa do Estoril region are a major attraction for golfers. Considered some of the best in Europe, they can be found in privileged locations and with the best possible facilities and infrastructure. Playing golf in Estoril is pure pleasure for all players that visit its famous, international courses.

One place, one thousand sensations

The Costa do Estoril is waiting for you to discover it. Romantic, cosmopolitan, full of entertainment and with a unique character, it is where Lisbon meets the sea. Considered by many to be the Portuguese Riviera, Estoril and Cascais are full of glamour and charisma.

They offer a great diversity of attractions and the experiences in a limited area and in a setting that is exceptional in terms of nature, culture and heritage along the whole of this marvellous coast. Essentially, Estoril is a destination with a life of its own, providing a range of experiences, with romantic Sintra and the capital just a short hop away.


Estoril / Cascais