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In a predominantly agricultural region, with a tradition going back to the 14th century, when this area was part of the farm of the Monastery of Alcobaça and was looked after by the monks, Bombarral is famous as a fruit and wine-producing centre, a fact reflected in its coat of arms, which is decorated with a bunch of grapes.

The two most important events in the region also bear witness to this, namely the Festival of Portuguese Wine in July and the Fair of the Pêra da Rocha (Rock Pear) in August.

This association is also evidenced in the early 20th century tile panels that cover the walls of the railway station, which reproduce scenes relating to grape-picking and the preparation of wine. It is therefore an excellent introduction for visiting the region, where the main buildings are the manor-houses and stately homes.

As for church architecture, the most important buildings are the Igreja da Madre de Deus (Church of the Mother of God) and the Ermida de São Bras (Chapel of São Brás).