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Situated on the vast, alluvial plain of the Ribatejo, the region of Portugal where the traditions associated with horse-breeding and bullfighting are most deeply rooted, Alpiarça is a peaceful town which still bears the evidence of human occupation in prehistoric times, such as the burial sites of the Meijão and Cabeço da Bruxa (Hill of the Witch) on the outskirts of the town.

Patudos Museum-House
Patudos Museum-Houseby: Antonio Fonseca

A place that must not be missed on a visit is the Casa-Museu dos Patudos (Patudos Museum-House), once the residence of José Relvas, a 19th-20th century Portuguese diplomat and politician, where one can admire the masterpieces of painting, and superb specimens of porcelain, bronze, furniture and tapestry that are contained in this house.