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The Algarve Holidays in Portugal’s southernmost coastline, offers you, a wonderful beach vacation, where the sea is warm and quiet.

The Algarve also offers idyllic and peaceful surroundings, a wonderful climate that contributes to the well-being, the emotional balance and relaxation, vacation villages, luxury hotels and luxury resorts, small fishing villages such as Santa Luzia in Tavira or the port of Sagres and diverse leisure activities you can pursue.

Praia do Camilo, Lagos, Algarve
by: Nicolai Schäfer src: wmf under: CC BY 3.0

The Algarve are golden beaches, fine sand beaches, great beaches, small beaches, tranquil beaches, beaches with waves or calm waters, beaches for the entire family or just inaccessible beaches for lovers. There are deserted beaches and and beaches that are ideal for water sports. Whichever one you go for, there is always fun in abundance.

In the Algarve, you can play all year among the best golf courses in World. Thirty golf courses, that will tempt amateurs and professionals alike.

Life in the Algarve will take place outdoors. In the Algarve, you forget the stress. The Algarve is good for health, the natural balance is restored and reconciled us with their lives. You live outside of the house, on the patio, grilling, and enjoying healthy meals of grilled fish and seafood. Have you tried it?

Algarve Holiday Destinations >>>

At about 200 km of golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water you can relax in the south of Portugal, under the Algarve sun.

Go to the Algarve and explore the beautiful inland, past rolling hills and hidden villages and learn about the traditional crafts, architecture and cuisine.

Eastern Algarve, Portugal

Eastern Algarve is a great place to make holidays. You will find here fabulous beaches, historic towns and much more.

Central Algarve, Portugal

Central Algarve is one of Europe's favourite holiday destinations. The beaches are notable for their reddish cliffs, café terraces and rocky coves.

Western Algarve, Portugal

The beaches in the Western Algarve are among the most beautiful in Europe.

All Algarve destinations

There’s more to the Algarve than just its popular coastlines. 

Discovering the Algarve

There’s more to the Algarve than just its popular coastlines.

To discover a different side of the Algarve, lose yourself in the Costa Vicentina Natural Park. Walk through pathways of colourful flowers and visit ancient castles, once home to the Moors.

In Cabo de S. Vicente, discover a land that was once thought of as the "end of the world". Climb up to Fóia, the highest point in the Algarve, in the verdant Serra de Monchique hills. Take a rest by one of the region’s many waterways in a truly beautiful landscape

Head inland to the Serra do Caldeirão and enjoy the various regional crafts on show, ranging from palm leaf basketwork and worked copper through to hand-painted earthenware.

Experience the warmth of the local people and share a glass of wine or medronho grape spirit, or a filhó fritter with some smoked meat.

And by the border, take a cruise up the River Guadiana as it flows through a Natural Park that extends to its mouth at Vila Real de Santo António.