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The Alentejo in southern Portugal is determined by the sun, the heat, the silence of the vast plains and the serenity of the people of this region.

Inside the Alentejo is the vastness of its golden wheat fields, in the coast of Alentejo are its wild and unspoiled beaches that give the beauty to this region of Portugal.

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The landscape of the Alentejo is determined by the oak or olive trees that have withstood the passage of years, by the walls of Marvão or Monsanraz, the white houses in the hills, the castles, gardens and patios where Arab influences are always present.

The Roman roots of Alentejo are visible in places like Évora, a city of great importance in the roman time. Visit the Temple of Diana and some of the churches of Évora, a city that has been classified World Heritage in 1986.

Go also to the Alentejo coast where you can admire the small sheltered beaches between the cliffs, the aromas of the field, fish and shellfish.

Here the time passes slowly and the landscape dictates the rhythm of the people.