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Porto Santo - Activities...On the Sea

On an island surrounded by an immense, translucent ocean full of life and excitement, it is hard to decide on the most exhilarating activity to help us make the most of this gift of nature.

With average temperatures between 19ºC and 23ºC, it delights all those that succumb to its temptations.

Game fishing

Porto Santo, like Madeira before it, is getting quite an international reputation as a top-class destination for deep-sea fishing. It’s the right place to fish for blue marlin over 500 kg, given the abundance and quality of fish from the tuna family.


Porto Santo has long been a favourite spot for divers, thanks to the purity, colour and temperature of its waters and the beauty of its underwater seascapes. Start with snorkelling and discover the delights of marine life. You will not be able to resist the temptation to dive into this fantastic submarine world. The favourite place for divers is the area south of the harbour where the Madeirense has lain sunk since 2000 after sailing for decades between Porto Santo and Madeira. Four years later, hundreds of divers have already visited it and they all agree that this dive has the potential for becoming a world-level site.

Sailing, boat trips, canoeing and rowing

Give yourself over to the delights of a calm, warm sea and enjoy the island to the rhythm of the gentle waves. Sail or row while you feast your eyes on the contrasts of the island’s different coasts.

Jet skiing and water skiing

Make use of the blue sea waters lapping against the immense golden beach and submit to the excitement of jet skiing and water skiing.

Windsurfing and kite surfing

Challenge the wind and make the most of a beach where you can find a place just for you, with excellent conditions for enjoying the excitement of windsurfing or kite surfing. These sports are attracting more and more fans and filling the island’s calm waters with colour and movement.

  • Madeira's distinctive, mountainous terrain and the rich diversity of the landscape make it a unique challenge for even the most experienced orienteering enthusiasts.

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  • Porto Santo and its mild climate make this island a very attractive place for open-air sports throughout the year. There are modern sports facilities for professionals and amateurs alike.

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Porto Santo