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Beach holidays - Algarve beach Guide

You will find in the Algarve some of the most beautiful, safest and most attractive beaches in the world. Along the 200 km coastline, the Algarve offers bays, cliffs, caves, rocky beaches and sprawling beaches, which can be visited all year round.

Algarve Beach Guide
Algarve Beach Guide de: Turismo de Portugal Algarve

Most of the beaches on the Algarve were awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union.
The beaches on the Algarve offer swimming opportunities in calm, clean and refreshing water. In the Algarve, the tourists throughout the year enjoy a relaxing holiday. Come to the Algarve and choose with the help of this guide the beach that best suits your taste and your needs.

The beaches are our natural treasures.

Help to preserve the beaches on the Algarve.

Most of the Algarve's beaches have been awarded the European Unions's Blue Flag and are bathed by calm, clear, and refreshing waters, being widely sought after every year by tourists coming to the region for some reinvigorating holidays. Enjoy yourself while you're here and with this guide, you can choose the beach that is best suited to your tastes and requirements.

This is our greatest natural heritage.

Help us to preserve it.

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  • Falesia beach in Alfamar, Albufeira
    Falesia beach in Alfamar, Albufeirade: Regiao de Turismo do Algarve

    Ayant comme toile de fond la grande falaise qui se teinte de tons rougeâtres, cuivrés ou dorés, et qui atteint sa beauté maximale en fin de journée, l’immense grève qui s’étend sur plusieurs kilomètres entre Olhos de Água et Vilamoura, possède plusieurs espaces privilégiés.

    [Praia da Falésia - Plage de Açoteias, Alfamar ]
  • Trilho da Lagoa dos Salgados, Albufeirade: trilhosdoalgarve
    [Trilho da Lagoa dos Salgados - Albufeira ]
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