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Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Situated near the the Alvão Natural Park, the area around Vila Pouca de Aguiar still contains a number of remains from its very ancient settlement in the Iron Age (Castro de Cidadelhe), as well as evidence of its occupation by the Romans, such as a number of bridges and cobbled streets.
In the town itself, the most obvious signs of its former glory are to be found in the old buildings and manor houses.

Also in the surrounding area is the spa of Pedras Salgadas, situated in the heart of a luxuriant green region and still retaining much of the grandiose atmosphere of the "belle époque", when it was a particularly popular watering hole amongst the aristocracy. Its naturally sparkling water is much sought after because of its healing properties, being very easy to obtain, as it is bottled and distributed all over the country.


Vila Pouca de Aguiar