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Madeira - Holiday activities

Levadas, Nature, Landscape and Activities
Levadas, Nature, Landscape and Activitiesby: Madeira Islands Tourism src: Flickr

One of the most fascinating features of Madeira is the vast network of open-air water canals that cover the island bringing water from the mountains to the plantations below. Known as levadas, these irrigation channels pass through breathtaking scenery, waterfalls and hidden parts of the island.

Covering over 1500 kilometers, the levadas of Madeira were mostly sculpted by hand, and access remote villages through tunnels and cliff hugging ledges. Walking on a levada path is an unforgettable experience, be it overlooking the sea or hiking through the vast Madeira Natural Park or Funchal Ecological Park.
Most walks are accessible to all, but there are several levels of difficulty, which are marked before each walk. Hiking in this magnificent setting is a treat for all generations, young or old, bringing them back to nature.

Find below the description regarding the 23 footpaths (PR-Small Routes), located in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, officially certified by the SRA - Regional Secretariat for the Environement and Natural Resources:

Holiday activities
  • Pico do Castelo, Porto Santo, Madeira
    Pico do Castelo, Porto Santo, Madeiraby: Madeira Islands Tourism src: Flickr

    Go for walks in Porto Santo to refresh your spirit. To the north, you can breathe the pure mountain air of the pine forest.
    Today, the recently restored footpaths are ideal for walking tours, thanks to their safety and the beauty of the landscapes to which they take us.

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  • Porto Santo and its mild climate make this island a very attractive place for open-air sports throughout the year. There are modern sports facilities for professionals and amateurs alike.

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