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Originally a fishing village consisting of wooden houses ("palheiros"), the town was transformed in the nineteenth century into a seaside resort, becoming one of the most popular in a period when people were strongly advised to bathe in the sea because of its healing properties.

Nowadays, it is a lively city with a long and extensive beach, but it also offers visitors a thalassotherapy centre, the oldest golf course in the Iberian Peninsula, founded by British citizens at the end of the nineteenth century, a Casino and a full range of hotel accommodation.

Amongst its various annual events are the Music Festival in June and the Cartoon Festival in November.

Holiday activities
  • With a pleasant climate and some 8 kilometres of fine sands facing these immense blue seas, Espinho is one of the main tourist resorts of northern Portugal. Only the long seaside pedestrian walkway separates the sands from the city.

    [Praias Marbelo, Pop, Azul, Seca e Costa Verde - Beach of Espinho ]
  • Located right by the oldest Golf Club in Portugal, Paramos Beach covers a huge area of sand but which can only be reached by crossing the Espinho Air-Club and paying careful attention to the signalling.

    [Praia de Paramos - Beach of Espinho ]
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